Entrepreneurship Group

The group is considering a variety of topics dealing with ideation and action in entrepreneurship: from new venture creation, development, and growth to the characteristics, behaviors and types of entrepreneurs; from international entrepreneurship to migrant and female entrepreneurship; from entrepreneurial teams to the organizational mechanisms supporting entrepreneurship.

The research operates across three core themes that provide unique insight into the entrepreneurial processes involved in major changes in our society.


Entrepreneurial universities, innovation, knowledge transfer, and industry collaboration

A central topic is industry–university collaborative dynamics, with a specific focus on the mechanisms that govern technology transfer, patenting, and IP management. In addition, the role of universities in promoting entrepreneurship is explored at the student level. Specifically, this theme aims to identify and analyze:

  1.  the several mechanisms that guide the flow of knowledge from the academia to the market (i.e., spin-off creation, patenting, licensing, R&D (Research&Development) collaborations, consulting activity), 
  2. the role of academics in the empowerment process of university research,
  3. and the institutional conditions and policies in support of technology transfer.


Social entrepreneurship

The social dimension of entrepreneurship is widely covered by scholars focusing on business sustainability, societal impact, and social Innovation.


Entrepreneurial finance and supporting mechanisms

Great emphasis is being placed on entrepreneurial finance at different stages of venture creation and from different sources. Along with raising capital, additional factors supporting entrepreneurial growth are being investigated at institutional and organizational levels.