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The expertise of the Department of Management is available to the community.  

The Observatory carries out research and training, data collection and analysis, monitoring, and dissemination in collaboration with a network of partners from academic, industrial, and social organizations at the local and national levels. 

From 2019 to 2021, 7 Thematic Observatories were launched. 

Observatory on Budgets of Third Sector Entities.
The Observatory elaborates, observes, and disseminates models of interpretation of the performance of Third Sector Entities from budgetary information, referable to subjects operating in activities of general interest (including social and health care, education and training, research, environmental protection, sport, and social tourism).

Observatory on Financial Advice and Retail Investors - COFIR.

The Observatory aims to monitor investors' awareness of the portfolio choices and the awareness of financial advisors' perception of the service by investor clients.

Observatory and Laboratory on Open Innovation-OPER.lab.
It analyzes, promotes, and designs concrete and replicable models of Open Innovation in collaboration with all the organizations interested in Open Innovation in the territory. OPER.lab aims to identify and systematize success stories, good practices, and experiences in scientific publications.

Observatory on Academic Mobility in Italy-MOBILITALY.

The Observatory aims to monitor the mobility of researchers in the Italian context, leveraging the data derived from the National Scientific Qualification (ASN).

Observatory on Local Public Services

The Observatory aims to study the performance trends of services offered by Italian local public administrations called to satisfy the needs of citizens and businesses. The Observatory provides a reasoned analysis of official data collected from local public administrations to verify, compare, and assess local public services to citizens and corporations.

Observatory on Social Impact Revolution: Finance and Entrepreneurship
In collaboration with local and national partners, the Observatory aims to reduce the barriers between demand and supply of capital in the social impact finance market in Italy. The Observatory provides research on applied business solutions, mentoring services, and support for social business and access to entrepreneurship.

Observatory on Sustainable Development.
Active in the economy and management of sustainable development, it promotes a new awareness of companies with respect to the sustainable development goals, addressing all types of companies, private and public, profit, and non-profit, including Small and Medium Enterprises.