Our history and the Department today

The Department of Business Studies and Economics was founded in 1983 from the grouping of the ITR (Technical Accounting Institute). In 1995 the Department incorporated the Istituto di Merceologia (Commodities Institute) and over the years the prestige and cultural importance of its activities grew, becoming the Department of Management in 2006.

The Department is a point of reference for teaching and research in the following fields: 

ING-IND/35 Business and Management Engineering,

SECS-P/01 Economics,

SECS-P/07 Business Administration and Accounting Studies, 

SECS-P/08 Management, 

SECS-P/09 Corporate Finance,

SECS-P/10 Organization and Human Resource Management,

SECS-P/11 Financial Markets and Institutions, 

SECS-P/13 Commodity Sciences

The Department also runs an English-language PhD programme in General Management.

Over the years the position of Head of Department has been held by Professors Osvaldo Paganelli, (1983-1985), Andrea Zanoni (1985-1991), Gianni Lorenzoni (1991-1994), Sandro Sandri (1994-2000), Cristina Boari (2000-2006), Maurizio Sobrero (2006-2012),  Carlo Boschetti (2012-2017) and again Maurizio Sobrero (2017-2021). The current Head of Department is Professor Angelo Paletta (since January 2021).


The current Heads of the Department’s branches are:

Professor Stefano Mengoli for Bologna branch,

Professoressa Elisa Montaguti for  Forlì branch, and

Professor Marco Maria Mattei for Rimini branch.

Research and teaching


carried out by professors and researchers represents the Departments’ core activities, aiming to contribute to national and international scientific literature. Research is also linked to the operational and knowledge needs of businesses and institutions.

Many international cooperation initiatives, and permanent and funded projects, run in the various fields of research.

Research is generally carried out in the following areas: ManagementFinancial Markets and InstitutionsBusiness Finance; Innovation and Organisation of Culture and the Arts - GIOCA ResearchTechnological InnovationMarketingOrganisationStrategyTechnology and Valorisation of Resources.


Teaching activities

at DiSA cover a range of First and Second Cycle Degree Programmes, run at Bologna, Rimini and Forlì campuses. The course catalogue also includes International Programmes. Programmes are run at the Departments of: Economics (Bologna, Forlì, Rimini), Engineering (Bologna), Literature (Rimini), Sport Science (Rimini), Political Science (Forlì), Statistical Sciences (Bologna, Rimini).

A vast cultural heritage on the subject of Management can be found in the Department Library.