The Department today

DiSA is a multi-campus department, with 4 structures: Bologna Via Capo di Lucca, Bologna Terracini, Forlì and Rimini.  

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It includes the following Scientific-Disciplinary Sectors:

  • ING-IND/35 Economic-management engineering
  • SECS-P/01 Political Economy
  • SECS-P/07 Business Administration
  • SECS-P/08 Economics and Business Management
  • SECS-P/09 Corporate Finance
  • SECS-P/10 Business Organization
  • SECS-P/11 Economics of Financial Intermediaries
  • SECS-P/13 Commodity Sciences

The Director of the Department is Professor Angelo Paletta, in office since 30 January 2021.

The Directors of the three offices are Stefano Mengoli (Bologna office), Elisa Montaguti (Forlì office) and Marco Maria Mattei (Rimini office).


Teaching activitieat DiSA cover a range of First and Second Cycle Degree Programmes, run at Bologna, Rimini and Forlì campuses. The course catalogue also includes International Programmes. Programmes are run at the Departments of Economics (Bologna, Forlì, Rimini), Engineering (Bologna), Literature (Rimini), Sport Science (Rimini), Political Science (Forlì), Statistical Sciences (Bologna, Rimini).

A vast cultural heritage on the subject of Management can be found in the Department Library.


Research activities carried out by professors and researchers represent the department’s core activities, aiming to contribute to national and international scientific literature. Research is also linked to the operational and knowledge needs of businesses and institutions.

Many international cooperation initiatives, and permanent and funded projects, are run in the various fields of research. 

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Third Mission

The department is engaged in third mission activities, in knowledge and culture transfer, through direct interaction with civil society and industry, promoting growth and social, cultural and economic benefits.