Maria Elo (University of Southern Denmark) - Entrepreneurship, international migrations and location choice - how destinations are selected?

Research Seminar

  • Date: 10 November 2020 from 13:00 to 14:00

  • Event location: On line su piattaforma TEAMS

  • Access Details: Free admission


Migrant entrepreneurs, and in particular those belonging to diasporas, contribute to regional development through business, ideas and resources. Most diasporas originate from migration from developing and emerging economies and are captured in dyadic patterns between the country of origin and their residence. Understudied are diaspora entrepreneurs migrating ‘against the tide’ by selecting atypical destination region(s). This qualitative study examines the migratory paths of Jewish diaspora entrepreneurs departing from their communities and planting seeds at new locations for their communities to follow – in other words, leaving their communities behind physically, not mentally. Findings advance a theoretical understanding of diasporic entrepreneurial types, contexts and the dynamic interplay between pioneering entrepreneur(s), their community and their location.


Short bio:

Maria Elo is an associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark. She is also a professor and executive dean at the Belt and Road Institute of International Business at Shanghai School of Economics and Åbo Akademi University has granted her the title of Docent. She cooperates with the Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, Finland, Institute of Migration and other partner universities, such as Porto Business School. Maria works in the area of international business and migration. The current projects include e.g. Employment of resources of skilled migrants and returnees, Migrant and Diaspora Entrepreneurship, Diaspora networks in International Business, Chinese outward diaspora investment and Finnish diaspora business networks.