The Open Innovation Observatory of the Department of Management at the Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Published: 12 April 2023 | Innovazione e ricerca

Open Innovation aims to accelerate innovation processes through more effective collaborations among different actors (companies, research centers, universities, startups, recent graduates, and students), leveraging knowledge, skills, opportunities, and technologies.

Oper.Lab is the Open Innovation Observatory of the Department of Management, which supports the innovation ecosystem of the Emilia-Romagna Region. 

Oper.Lab identifies and systematizes successful cases, best practices, and experiences related to scientific publications on Open Innovation. Specifically, it focuses on understanding and spreading the culture of Open Innovation in the region, identifying local and international best practices, and designing and experimenting with frontier methodologies and formats in partnership with stakeholders.

The community of Oper.Lab includes researchers from universities in the Emilia-Romagna region, innovative professionals, founders, affiliated companies, and international mentors.

Oper.Lab is also one of the three pillars of OPER.space, the Open Innovation factory of the University of Bologna, together with Almalabor and Almacube.

Many companies are putting Open Innovation at the center of their strategic choices to accelerate the development of innovative solutions, relying on external resources such as universities, research centers, or startups to involve the best expertise in a specific sector. Oper.Lab helps companies break cognitive barriers to collaborations with each other and with universities, research centers, startups, and researchers. Additionally, the Observatory aims to connect research and industry in the territory.

Oper.Lab operates in various sectors such as Food, Automotive, Services, Healthcare, Social Innovation, PA, Arts, and Humanities and serves large companies, SMEs, cooperatives, institutions, universities, industry associations, and innovation intermediaries.

Learn more about Oper.lab and be part of it:  official website