CREDIF - Centro Studi e Ricerche sul CREDIto e la Finanza

CREDIF was founded in 2005, to foster and promote research aiming to develop and apply financial and economic methods and knowledge to the typical problems of savings and credit management, those generally affecting the financial brokering sector.

CREDIF should facilitate coordination in research projects and foster the participation of national and international researchers. This aims to promote an initiative that can pool the competencies in the identified areas of interest, both locally and nationally with other researchers in this field, sharing resources and knowledge. CREDIF is also open to researchers in fields related to those identified, where the scientific manager identifies potential useful synergies.

CREDIF is run from the Department of Management. Through the proposing professors from the Departments of Management and Economic Sciences, CREDIF cooperates nationally through the Italian Academy of Management (AIDEA) and the Association of Economics of Financial Markets and Institutions teachers (ADEIMF).

Reference person: prof. Giuseppe Torluccio