RISE - Research on Innovation, Science and Entrepreneurship Center

The centre aims to represent an institutional container, aiming to exploit the synergies between the research activities of professors and researchers of the Department of Management focusing on a common denominator in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The topics of entrepreneurship and innovation are increasingly the focus of attention of various communities of interest. The members of the centre have gained significant experience in both subjects, leading to a number of national and international publications. Through their research activities, over the years the members of the centre have developed a network of international relations that constitute an important channel for disseminating and enhancing the activities of the centre. The participants in this initiative have been involved in national and international research projects in these fields. These include PRIN2004 ‘Developmental dynamics and determinants of performance in business clusters’, FIRB2003 ‘New organisational models for improving the quality of technology transfer from the public research system to the production system’, EU-GlobInn2008 ‘The changing nature of internationalisation of innovation in Europe: impact on firms and the implications for innovation policy’. The university project  STARTUP2006 ‘Birth and development of high-tech businesses in Europe’.  Some of the main research results, also obtained from the above-described funding, can be found on the website  http://www.iris.unibo.it/index.html. The website also offers access to the databases that some of the Department's researchers have built over the past 10 years of activity.

These include Patiris and OSiRidE. Patiris is an on-line repository acting as a permanent observatory of the patent activities of Universities and public Research Centres in Italy. The service was developed as part of the  iRis project by researchers from the Department of Management and the  University of Bologna in partnership with UIBM (Italian Patents and Trademarks office) of the Ministry of Economic Development. OSiRidE aims to develop the systematic collection of longitudinal data on new businesses in high-tech sectors in the Emilia-Romagna region and those from regional universities and public research bodies (ERP). Some members of the centre have contributed to the creation and development of initiatives to support regional entrepreneurial activities, which subsequently grew and made their mark nationally. These include the business incubator of the University of Bologna (Almacube-http://www.almacube.com/) and the Business Plan Competition (StartCUP-http://www.startcup.com/Index.do). These are only a small part of a broad set of activities that the members of the centre carry out in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. The large number of these activities, their quality and national and international visibility justify the establishment of the new centre.

The centre has three important goals

  1. to create synergies between the research activities of the members of the centre and foster the development of new research projects that, starting from the specificities of the proposers, tackle the issues of entrepreneurship and innovation in a multi-disciplinary perspective;
  2. starting from the research activities, to create a database of materials and cases to use in course units on innovation and entrepreneurship;
  3. to foster the involvement of the department in external activities, mainly focusing on technology transfer. The aim is to create a guiding thread between the various activities the teachers are involved in individually (business incubators, business plan competition, managerial training, etc.).

Three-year activity plan

The centre actively develops contacts with national (Milan Polytechnic, Bocconi) and international academic institutes (Imperial College London, Ecoles des Mines Paris, SPRU Brighton etc.) to enhance and share the international relations offered by each member, connecting them in a joint international network. The centre will seek to contribute to the establishment of longitudinal databases aiming to map start-ups in Italian high-tech sectors and then analyse them on different levels: individual founders, business, and the context/system in which the businesses operate. In order to disseminate the results of its research and projects, the Centre will also organise seminars, study meetings and conferences.

Members of the Centre

Bergami Massimo

Boari Cristina

Ferriani Simone

Fini Riccardo

Giuri Paola

Grandi Alessandro

Grimaldi Rosa

Lorenzoni Gianni

Marzocchi Gian Luca

Mengoli Stefano

Montaguti Elisa

Morandin Gabriele

Munari Federico

Odorici Vincenza

Presutti Manuela

Santoni Simone

Sobrero Maurizio

Torluccio Giuseppe

Torrisi Salvatore

Toschi Laura