The E3Train - European Entrepreneurial Educators Training Program project results

“E3Train - European Entrepreneurial Educators Training Program” is the Erasmus+ funded project that targets educators across disciplines to enhance the impact of their teaching practices, by enabling them to develop entrepreneurial competencies and employ innovative pedagogies in their educational programs, to enhance educators and students’ societal impact.

E3Train is coordinated by  Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, Department of Management (DiSA) and implemented together with four European partners: University Industry Innovation Network BV, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, Technische Universiteit Delft, Bantani Education.

The E3TRAIN project will create a self-assessment tool, training materials, and a networked group of 30+ multidisciplinary entrepreneurial educators and change-makers at European higher education institutions. They, in turn, will drive the development of curricula and pedagogies designed to better prepare employable and innovative students to drive social and economic sustainability in Europe.

Some of the project results are already at disposal of the European Educators:

  1. Educators for Impact Training Investigation Report: a comprehensive understanding of the needs and benefits of developing educators’ entrepreneurial skills and attitudes. Learn more
  2. Educators for Impact Reflection Toolkit: the assessment tool to develop new ideas and learning opportunities. Learn more
  3. Educators for Impact Training Program: a webinar series developed to enhance the ability to guide students in creating real-world value; expand impact beyond the classroom, engage in reflection and collaboration with a community of like-minded educators, and receive personalized support and guidance through facilitated Personal Application Projects (PAPs) sessions.
    The programme lasts 6 weeks beginning on October 6th and ending on November 10th. Sessions take place once a week on Fridays and it is possible to choose a full pathway along all the modules or a personalized pathway selecting the modules of major interest. Learn more and register.

  4. Educators for Impact Toolkit: coming soon! Learn more.  

 More information about “E3Train - European Entrepreneurial Educators Training Program” project: official website, Laura Toschi (, Anna Fedorova (