OMNI-BEAST - OMNI - BE Aware Student

Erasmus Plus

Erasmus Plus Programme - Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher Education

Funding Agency: Co-funded by the European Union

The project aims to help Universities to support their students in the personalization of their learning process and career paths development in connection with the labor market by providing a body of knowledge in the form of Canvas.

The canvas set will support entrepreneurial students to personalize their curriculum to anticipate the skills and expertise needed to start new ventures. This tool increases students' consciousness concerning the choice of specialty, aligning their educational path with real passion and interests while increasing their value on the labour market.

The project's main participants are students who will take part in International Summer Schools run by partner universities and professors who will participate in the International Academy – Training of Trainers.

The consortium will organize an OMNI-BEAST Academy (a 5-day program for teachers) to level up knowledge and skills on the topic of interested teachers in the Universities.

The role of the Department of Management is to contribute to defining the "Job position/occupation Canvanizing Body of Knowledge."

It is composed of a set of good practices supporting creating a reference canvas for job positions and developing five national Career Canvas based on the model of a personal business model ( and five podcasts as a part of Podcast Library.

The project output will be a book called “Catalog of key competencies with tutorials on key competencies development methods, techniques, tools, " and a course called “Entrepreneurial student - developing ideas for an innovative business with canvas".

The course will be offered to students in all the partner universities.

From the Department of Management is involved prof. Matteo Vignoli as scientific coordinator of the UNIBO team.

Financing program: European Program -Erasmus+  KA2 – Strategic Partnership for Higher Education

Coordinator: University of Information Technology and Management di Rzeszow - Poland

Partners: Prof. Matteo Vignoli e Dr. Clio Dosi - Department of Management UNIBO (IT);

Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre – Portugal;

Militos Consulting Sa – Greece;

Universidad de Sevilla - Spain.

Duration: 30 months from 1/11/20 to 30/04/23

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

4 Quality Education

8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

17 Partnerships for the Goals