KIC Raw Material - RAw Materials Exploration and Sustainability -RAMES

RAMES - RAw Materials Exploration and Sustainability

Programme Horizon 2020: Knowledge and Innovation Communities' (KIC) - EIT Raw Materials

Coordinator Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna Deptartment of Biology, Geology and Environment in collaboration with the Department of Management (ref. Prof. Simone Ferriani)

Project Partners:

  1. BioOn, Italy
  2. Geologian tutkimuskeskus - GTK (Geological Survey of Finland), Finnland
  3. Norwegian University of Science and Technology -NTNU, Norway
  4. Regione Emilia Romagna , Italy
  5. SpacEarth Technology. Italy
  6. TCA SpA, Italy
  7. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Technical University of Madrid) - UPM, Spain


Durata: 30 months - from 07/01/2019 to 30/06/2021


The RAMES MSc will educate geologists and engineers in developing thorough knowledge of the RM value chain in its multifaceted ramifications. This entails primary and secondary RMs, material flux quantification, key circular economy processes, and entrepreneurial skills. RAMES represents an attempt to fertilize an MSc in ore deposits with disciplines of the KICRM initiative, which will consolidate the EIT portfolio in EIT labelled activities.