Alma Idea – Measuring public value in universities

Alma Idea – Measuring public value in universities

Programme UNIBO Alma Idea

Coordinators: Prof. Benedetta Siboni and Prof. Federica Farneti (Sociology and Business Law - SDE)

Duration 2 years – from 01/01/2018 to 28/01/2020 postponed to 31/05/2020


The project aims to pursue three main objectives.

First, examine the concept of public value with reference to the university sector. Literature analysis will analyse definitions, identifying the common aspects and variations with respect to universities, in order to develop a definition that can be adopted in such a context.

Secondly, through the case study, the project investigates how universities decline the concept of public value in their institutional missions of teaching, research and third mission. Universities impacts on society in different ways. They contribute to the creation of intellectual capital by investing in the production of new scientific knowledge and the training of students and staff. They can help to create awareness about the aspects of gender equality in the workplace. They can contribute to the reduction of negative environmental impacts, both through the adoption of technologies and procedures with less impact, both through the research produced, as well as through the provision of lessons on these aspects. Creating knowledge and promoting networks with the territory spread the results of research and good practices.

Thirdly, the research aims to formulate a framework for measuring the determinants of public value to provide tools assisting university governance in defining strategies in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.