Internationalisation call – The effectiveness of failure management to the customer: analysis and guidelines for the employees.

Financing Institution:  Fondazione Carisbo

Coordinator: Prof.: Chiara Orsingher

Duration: 1 year -from 18 September 2019 to 18 September 2020

Objective: Public and private service and retail companies strive daily to provide excellent products or services to customers, but still today, service failures are events that frequently occur to customers.

This research project fits into this theme and has three objectives: First, to identify which factors affect the effectiveness of failure management by front-line employees. Second, to propose and test a conceptual framework that identifies which element has the most significant impact on the efficacy of failure management. Third, to provide companies with guidelines on the mix of structural factors (such as personality traits or the degree of service orientation of front-line employees) and learned factors  (such as the quantity and quality of training received) that determine the degree of effectiveness of front-line employees. With this effort, we want to integrate previous research and provide clear indications to retail and service companies on how to maximize the efficiency of their staff through selection and training.