PRIN2011- Market and non-market mechanisms for the exchange and diffusion of innovations: when they work, when they don't work and whỳ we are interested in.

This project aimed to understand what are the limits of technology transfer mechanisms currently in use and how they prevent the generation and diffusion of innovation. Taking into consideration a distinction between market mechanisms - such as licenses, technological alliances, acquisitions of high-tech start-ups – and non-market ones - such as spillovers or interactions with user communities -, the project objectives are:

  1. Analyze how the technologies are licensed.
  2. Analyze the different technology transfer mechanisms to the technology market.
  3. Analyze the theme of technology transfer between universities, public research bodies and companies, deepening the role of institutions that finance the exploitation of intellectual property by technology start-ups.
  4. Analyze the different non-market mechanisms for knowledge transfer, with particular attention to the spillovers generated by inventors and the interactions between businesses and communities.

Coordinator: Prof. Salvatore Torrisi

Partner: Bocconi University, LUISS Guido Carli, Politecnico of Milan

Participants from the Department of Management: Salvatore Torrisi, Federico Munari, Paola Giuri, Laura Toschi, Maurizio Sobrero, Marco Corsino, Rosa Grimaldi, Andrea Zanoni

Duration: 3 years from February 2013 to February 2016