Tempus - Network for Post Graduate Masters and PhD in Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management in Balkan Countries - CHTMBAL

The project aims to create a university network for post-graduate Masters students in Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management, starting from two pilot Master courses, one at the University of Shkoder in Albania and one at the University of Prizren in Kosovo. Local institutions have in fact expressed their need to enhance cultural tourism in their countries as an important element for cultural and economic development, a result that requires a professional figure with skills specific of this field.

These objectives will be pursued with the revision and reform of the curricula of the recipient countries based on the guidelines of the Bologna Process and the creation and implementation of two master pilot courses (one in Shkoder and one in Prizren). During the project many agreements with local institutions and businesses will be established in order to create internships where students can apply what they have learned and to help them entering the job market.

Coordinator: University of Chieti-Pescara (Applicant) - Italy


  • Bologna University, Faculty of Economics Rimini (referent prof. Francesco Maria Barbini)
    SVIMAP “Leonardo da Vinci" - Italy
  • e-University Durres - Albania
  • University Shkoder - Albania
  • University Cultural Monument Institute of Albania Pritzen - Kosovo
  • University World University Service NgO - Austria
  • Institut Catala' d'Arqueologia Classica - Spain
  • Archaeology Department of Warsaw University - Poland

Participants from the University of Bologna: Francesco Maria Barbini, Massimo Bianchi, Manuela Presutti, Patrizia Battilani, Salvatore Torrisi, Fiorella Dallari, Alessia Mariotti, Marcello Mariani, Laura Tampieri
Duration: 3 years from 15/10/2011  to 14/10/2014