Be Social - Podcast

Exploring third-sector organizations.

"Be Social" is a podcast dedicated to exploring third-sector organizations in the Forlì area.
 It was created as part of the Erasmus Plus project "SE4Ces-Social Economy 4Ces: Joining Social Economy Forces towards Community Development, Connected Societies, Cocreation of Knowledge and Collaborative education practices," co-funded by the European Union with the aim of strengthening collaboration between European higher education institutions, social enterprises and social economy organizations. A project aimed at disseminating the professional skills needed in the context of the social economy and creating a European network of institutions capable of continuing this collaboration in favor of expanding and strengthening the social economy in Europe. Eight partners are involved in SE4Ces, including the University of Bologna, with Professor Federica Bandini of the Department of Management as a Principal Inestigator. 

Through a series of five episodes, an informative and inspiring journey unfolds as a unique opportunity to hear exclusive interviews with HR managers and workers engaged in these organizations, to discover how the third sector fits into the social fabric, facing unique challenges and opportunities: 

  •  *Corporate Welfare in Third Sector Organizations*: the crucial role of corporate welfare in these organizations, is to discover how wellness initiatives can influence employee motivation and satisfaction while promoting the social mission of the organization.
  •  *Reward Systems in the Third Sector*: compensation systems adopted by third sector organizations, to learn about compensation methodologies and their impact on employee engagement.
  • *Contracts in Third Sector Organizations*: the various types of contracts used within the third sector and how these contracts affect the stability and flexibility of staff in nonprofit organizations.
  • *Inclusion Policies in the Third Sector*: inclusion policies, stories, and strategies to promote equality and accessibility in third-sector organizations.
  • *Exclusive Interviews*: a collection of in-depth interviews with third-sector experts and workers themselves; their experiences, challenges, and hopes as they work for a better world.

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