MIG.EN.CUBE. - Fostering MIGrant Entrepreneurship inCUBation in Europe

Erasmus Plus

Fostering  MIGrant  Entrepreneurship  inCUBation  in  Europe - MIG.EN.CUBE 

European Program - Erasmus +  KA2 –  Strategic Partnership for Adult Education 

Ente finanziatore: Co-funded by the European Union

MIG.EN.CUBE is set to take into account the current critical issues in fostering migrant entrepreneurship in Europe, characterized by a fragmentation of incubation programs targeting migrant entrepreneurs, the diversity of actors that provide incubation activities, a strong focus on the “demand side” (i.e., migrant entrepreneurs) but a lack of training opportunities and exchange of best practices for incubation professionals targeting this group, and the super-diversity of (would-be) migrant entrepreneurs.  

MIG.EN.CUBE seeks to enhance diverse incubation professionals' knowledge and competencies dealing with (would-be) super-diverse entrepreneurs.

The aim is to foster migrant entrepreneurs' opportunities to learn and experience how to start and grow a successful business.

The project aims at (1) increase the understanding of specific incubation needs of migrant entrepreneurs and the competencies required for incubation professionals working with them; (2) systematize and share best practices for innovative incubation programs for migrants across Europe; (3) provide incubation professionals with new, tried-and-tested materials and tools for advising, training, performing, and assessing incubation for migrant entrepreneurs.  

The methodology of the project is designed around four main phases:  

(1) the preparation phase carried out before the beginning of the project and within the first three months of activity

(2) a scanning and assessment phase, where the partners will be involved in qualitative and quantitative research to produce a Synoptic Scan on incubation activities for migrants (led by University of Amsterdam) and a Training Needs Diagnostic Assessment (conducted by University of Bologna) to understand the specific training needs of migrant entrepreneurs and incubation professionals dealing with this group; 

(3) the production phase, which regards the development of training contents targeted to incubation professionals, consisting in the development and piloting of “Incubating Migrant Entrepreneurs” MOOC (led by Institut Supérieur de Gestion) and “The Inclusive Incubator” Guidebook (led by Fondazione Grameen).  

(4) the dissemination phase aimed to achieve impact and relevance through public presentations, scientific and non-scientific publications, the project website, and other virtual repositories. 

Coordinatore: Dott.ssa Daniela Bolzani; Membri del team: Prof. Federica Bandini, Prof. Rosa Grimaldi e Prof. Laura Toschi -  Università di Bologna Dipartimento di Scienze Aziendali – Italia


Universiteit Van Amsterdam – Paesi Bassi

Institut Supérieur de Gestion - Francia

Fondazione Grameen Italia  - Italia

Impact Hub Amsterdam  – Paesi Bassi

Place Network  - Francia

Impact Hub Company  - Austria

Migration Policy Group  - Belgio

UNCTAD, Associate Partner  - Svizzera

Durata: 30 mesi – dal 1/11/20 al 30/04/23 

Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile (SDGs):

Goal 4: Quality Education

Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goal 10: Reducing inequalities


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